Promise of Fair Treatment in Jesus’s Message to the Church of Thyatira

Ron Teed July 23, 2018

Immorality in the Church: The Reason behind God’s Punishment and Admonishment

fair treatment

In His message to the church of Thyatira’s angel, Jesus affirms the positive actions of the church. He says He knows of their good deeds and qualities, calling specific attention to five qualities of love, faith, service, perseverance, and greater works (Revelation 2:19). But He also draws attention to immorality in the church by saying they have tolerated a false prophetess (whom He called Jezebel) and allowing her to carry on with her deceptive ways, misleading God’s servants into consuming foods sacrificed to idols and getting them to engage in sexual immorality (Revelation 2:20). Jesus says that instead of reprimanding this false teacher and sending her out of the church, Thyatira’s believers were dancing to her merry tunes.


Promising a fair treatment, Jesus says Jezebel would be judged and made to suffer with the punishment from God, along with all those who partook in crime and immorality in the church, unless they repent. At the same time, He says words of encouragement to those who have chosen to remain faithful. For those who haven’t succumbed to Jezebel’s teachings and don’t know deep things of Satan, He says of not putting any other burden.  He asks them to stick to their faith and continue doing the right thing.


As part of His fair treatment for Thyatira’s believers, Jesus promises blessings that include triumph over enemies and authority over the nations together with receiving the morning star. As revealed in Revelation 22:16, Jesus Himself is the morning star. This message emphasizes the importance of staying faithful to Him even during trying times, as He would know who the true believers are and give them blessings of a great future.



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