Jesus’s Message of Spiritual Reinforcement to the Church in Sardis

Ron Teed July 30, 2018

God’s Blessings for Believers and Warning for Sinners Who Refuse to Repent

spiritual reinforcement

Jesus’s message to Sardis is through an angel of the church (which possibly refers to the pastor). He talks of knowing their deeds and condemns their spiritually lifeless state. The church once had a good name and reputation (Revelation 3:1) and was alive spiritually, but the present actions of its people were not exemplary of Christian faith. Instead of acting in ways that was “perfect before God” (verse 2), they were simply going through the motions of religion, which has made them spiritually dead.


Jesus warns those who have denied God and suggests spiritual reinforcement through repentance. In Revelation 3:2–3, He asks them to “wake up,” which refers to them repenting and following God’s way instead of denying Him and His teachings. It also calls upon them to emphasize on their need for salvation. Revelation 3:3 reveals that those who refuse to repent will undergo punishment and get disciplined by Jesus.


This message of Jesus talks about both blessings and curses, and after warning the sinners, Jesus talks about bountiful blessings for those who have remained faithful. In Revelation 3:4, He says those who haven’t “soiled their clothes” (which means those who’ve refrained from getting involved in sin) would be worthy of being dressed in white and walking with Jesus Himself.


Revelation 3:5 talks about Jesus’s final blessings where anyone who “overcomes” (which means gets reborn) will be dressed in white clothes (as a mark of righteousness), will have His name in the book of life (which refers to an assurance of eternal security), and live in the family of God forever.


Amidst His call for spiritual reinforcement, Jesus’s message to Sardis shows that God won’t accept nominal Christians—the ones who assert themselves to be Christians by going through the motions but refuse the teachings of Jesus and His apostles.


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