Jesus’s Message and the Faithfulness of the Church in Philadelphia

Ron Teed August 6, 2018

Rewards for faithful service to God


In Revelation 3:7, Jesus gives a message to the angel of the church in Philadelphia. He emphasizes on His holiness, dominion, and authority. He says he “holds the key of David,” which refers to his majestic power (and is similar to the prophecy of Isa. 22:22), and that He is the One who opens and shuts doors and none could overturn these actions.


Despite being weak in some respects, the church of Philadelphia had stayed faithful during tribulations, which Jesus praises (Rev. 3:8). As a result of their faithful service to God, He promises them an “open door of blessings.” After lauding the faithfulness of the Philadelphian believers, Jesus condemns their enemies and says their persecution would be made to show His love for His children one day (Rev. 3:9). This means because they remained loyal to God, the church of Philadelphia would be triumphant over their enemies.


Jesus promises wonderful blessings for the church’s faithfulness and says He would take them with Him before the Great Tribulation. At the same time, He urges them to remain faithful as this would bring rewards in their afterlife (Rev. 3:10–11).


As His final blessing to the believers in Philadelphia, Jesus promises to honor the overcomers by building a pillar in their name in heaven and in the New Jerusalem—God’s spiritual temple (Rev. 3:12).


Among sermons on faithfulness, Jesus’s message to the church in Philadelphia gives comfort and encouragement to those who remain faithful to Christ, amid trials and tribulations.


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