Our Forgiving God Admonishes the Church in Laodicea

Ron Teed August 13, 2018

God forgiving our sins proves Jesus’s message to the spiritually complacent Laodiceans

god forgiving our sins

Jesus’s message Laodicean Church through its messenger or angel (a likely reference to the church’s priest) begins with Him identifying the faithful and true witnesses and emphasizes on His sovereignty, faithfulness, and power to bring everything to its proper conclusion (Rev. 3:14).

He spoke about knowing the Laodicean Church’s spiritual arrogance and complacency and pride. Jesus emphasizes their apathetic, lukewarm nature and says He would have nothing to do with them.

The church thought itself to be rich in material things and in no need of anything from Christ. But in reality, they were in a spiritually pitiful state, and not knowing that they needed to claim spiritual wealth made it all the worse (Rev. 3:15–17).

Being our forgiving God, Jesus calls upon the church to repent and claim true spiritual riches. He explains this in metaphorical terms—as gold refined in the fire and white clothes to cover nakedness (Rev. 3:18). This refers to Christ who purifies the human soul, just as a refiner does with gold.

White clothes here stand as the symbol of righteousness, which help cover the spiritual nakedness. The Laodicean Church needed to ask for a pardon from Him to heal its spiritual blindness and complacency so their forgiveness would become genuine.

God is forgiving, and He says He rebukes and disciplines those whom He loves. Our forgiving God then calls for true, earnest repentance. His final promise to the Laodicean believers is that all who overcome will be together with Christ in His kingdom.

This message shows that despite the church having deep spiritual problems, their salvation lay and still lies in Jesus. No wonder why people say God is forgiving and merciful.

In what ways has God admonished you for your own spiritual complacency? How did you ask forgiveness then? Share your experiences in the comments section below. You can also connect with me on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads to have a deeper understanding of God’s grace. Don’t forget to take a look at my book A Box Seat to the End Times to learn more about the Book of Revelation.



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