God’s Providential Love

Ron Teed August 20, 2018

God is our Provider, our Creator, and our Father

god is our provider, our creator, and our father

The Bible illustrates the providential love of God for humans whom He created in His own image. Knowing that God is our provider gives courage to us believers and encourages us to continue on the good path, as directed by Him.

Though trials and tribulations may sometime make us think God to be distant and indifferent to our ordeals, He does love and care for all of us. In fact, stories of God providing for us go as far back as the beginning of creation.

God is a good provider for His creation. Birds don’t plant or harvest, have no barns or storerooms, but their need for food is taken care of by God. And being worthier than birds, humans are sure to enjoy His providential love (Luke 12:24).

Everyone who looks to Him with hopeful eyes is provided with food, and when He opens His hand, the hunger and thirst of every living being is met (Ps. 145:15–16).

After Abraham arrived in the land God promised to him, God announced giving the land to his descendants (Gen. 12:7). As Abraham’s obedience and faith in God grew, God continued telling Abraham the blessings He would shower on Abraham and his descendants.

God’s blessings to Abraham soon became apparent in his personal wealth. God also told Abraham about his numerous descendants and that the proverbial Promised Land was given to Abraham and his descendants perpetually. God then encouraged Abraham to experience the gift he has received by walking through the land (Gen. 13:2, 14–17).

These and many more biblical scriptures irrefutably prove God’s role as our Eternal Provider.


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