god forgiving our sins

Our Forgiving God Admonishes the Church in Laodicea

Ron Teed August 13, 2018

God forgiving our sins proves Jesus’s message to the spiritually complacent Laodiceans

Jesus’s message Laodicean Church through its messenger or angel (a likely reference to the church’s priest) begins with Him identifying the faithful and true witnesses and emphasizes on His sovereignty, faithfulness, and power to bring everything to its proper concl . . .


Jesus’s Message and the Faithfulness of the Church in Philadelphia

Ron Teed August 6, 2018

Rewards for faithful service to God

In Revelation 3:7, Jesus gives a message to the angel of the church in Philadelphia. He emphasizes on His holiness, dominion, and authority. He says he “holds the key of David,” which refers to his majestic power (and is similar to the prophecy of Isa. 22:22), and that He is the One who opens and shuts doors and none . . .

spiritual reinforcement

Jesus’s Message of Spiritual Reinforcement to the Church in Sardis

Ron Teed July 30, 2018

God’s Blessings for Believers and Warning for Sinners Who Refuse to Repent

Jesus’s message to Sardis is through an angel of the church (which possibly refers to the pastor). He talks of knowing their deeds and condemns their spiritually lifeless state. The church once had a good name and reputation (Revelation 3:1) and . . .

fair treatment

Promise of Fair Treatment in Jesus’s Message to the Church of Thyatira

Ron Teed July 23, 2018

Immorality in the Church: The Reason behind God’s Punishment and Admonishment

In His message to the church of Thyatira’s angel, Jesus affirms the positive actions of the church. He says He knows of their good deeds and qualities, calling specific attention to five qualities of love, faith, service, perseverance, and greater works (Revelation 2:19). But . . .

biblical doctrine of sin

Jesus’s Message to the Church in Pergamum: “Repent of Your Sin or Suffer”

Ron Teed July 16, 2018

Biblical doctrine of sin: Why blasphemy needs to be avoided

Jesus has always stood beside His believers and punished those who committed the sin of blasphemy. In Revelation 2:12–17, Jesus’s message to the Pergamene church tells its people to heed the warnings, repent of their sins, or be ready to face the sufferings He will bring upon the nonbelievers and sinners.

The beautifu . . .